Made according to traditional recipes and procedures from the Himalayas, Yakku is a real one specialty. This chew is made from 100% cow's milk.

Spirit of Himalaya

For many generations, yak farmers have been winning over 4,500 m above sea level, the hard cheese made from high-quality yak and cow's milk. To make it durable, the cheese is pressed and dried for several months.

Vegetarian chewing pleasure

Due to its unique consistency and the intense taste, Yakkus are perfect as a vegetarian alternative to animal chewing bones and keep themselves busy the strongest chew for some time.

Handmade in Germany by native Nepalese

Yakkus are made in Germany according to traditional recipes and procedures by Nepalese under the highest production standards and with the high-quality raw material of German quality milk, without artificial additives.
The cheese is packed by hand in jute sacks to dry and ripe for several months.
The result is a very long-lasting chew with a typical surface structure.

This is Yakku:
•    Vegetarian
•    Gluten free
•    Lactose-free (without milk sugar)
•    Suitable for allergy sufferers
•    Handmade in Germany
•    Without artificial additives
•    Odorless

Yakku can do that:
•    Promotes relaxation & stress relief
•    Supports dental care
•    Offers long chewing pleasure