The advantages of cold-pressing are the gentle treatment of the vitamins and the contained (or added) vitamins. The cell structures of the nutrients, unlike extrudates, are retained by cold pressing and are not destroyed by heating.
No fats and aromas are sprayed on. All important nutrients come from the high-quality components we use.

We guarantee a natural production since all products are cold-pressed, without artificial flavors or aromas.
A preservation is achieved by the gentle drying process, so that no artificial preservatives or antioxidants are used.

Our cold-pressed, grainfree dog snacks contain exclusively natural ingredients such as meat, vegetable oil and, if desired, also minerals.
In average we guarantee a high meat quota or animal by-products in all our standard products.

  • COLD-PRESSED - not baked
  • gentle production
  • all ingredients remain unchanged
  • natural ingredients
  • no artificial dyes or preservatives
  • no sugar
  • grainfree
  • produced in Germany

Our KAP-Snack products

KAP-Snack MiniBones

dietary supplement for dogs

KAP-Snack Denta Bars

dietary supplement for dogs

for daily denta care

KAP-Snack Hearts

dietary supplement for dogs


dietary supplement for dogs

KAP-Snack Rolls

dietary supplement for dogs