Snacks For Cats

Our premium complete food for dogs contains only natural ingredients and is produced without chemical dyes, preservatives or flavourings.
Top meat is enhanced with potatoes, vegetables or wholewheat pasta. It is very well tolerated and well utilised by dogs.
The pure natrural ingredients retain a high nutritional value
by gentle processing. The used sunflower oil contains essential fatty acids for skin and coat.

snacks for cats, treats for cats
KAP-Snacks cold-pressed


For our cold-pressed specialties, we only use natural ingredients without chemical dyes or preservatives from predominantly regional suppliers.
The gentle handling of the raw materials during manufacture ensures that all vitamins and valuable ingredients are preserved.
This is how CANIWORLD CatHapps combines the best of nature in a snack.

  • COLD-PRESSED - not baked
  • gentle production
  • cell structure of all ingredients remain unchanged
  • natural ingredients
  • NO artificial dyes or preservatives
  • different shapes possible, e.g. fishes

Soft Snacks Hearts

The grainfree premium Soft Snacks are made with selected ingredients according to recipes developed by us. We process different types of meat e.g. deer, horse, salmon, ostrich and kangaroo. Further additions of vegetables or fruits allow a wide range of variations.
Our Soft Snack assortment is available in the forms of "Happen" and "Hearts".
Adapted to the increasing demand of meatless, vegetarian products we offer our Soft Snacks VEGGIE with
beetroot, spinach or cranberry.

  • soft consistency
  • ideal for pinpoint reward in training of young cats
  • perfect reward in communication with adult cats
  • don´t crumble in bags and enjoy great popularity
  • training + fun + sports + play

Meat Snacks

Meat Truffles

  • exclusive reward snack
  • particularly suitable for sensitive dogs
  • 90 % meat and animal products
  • grainfree
  • no sugar
  • easy to serve
  • high acceptance and digestibility
  • sorts: lamb, kangaroo, ostrich, deer


  • high protein content
  • grainfree
  • no sugar
  • easy to serve
  • high acceptance and digestibility