Dried Chew Snacks

To produce our dried chew snacks we only use premium
meat products. Whether ostrich, kangaroo or deer -
there is something for every gourmet.
Varied meat is a healthy chew snack for dogs. Long time chewing fun supports cleaning and strengthening of dentition.
We produce in Germany. Therefore we are subjected to strictest inspections and guidelines.

  • high protein content
  • supports cleaning and strengthening of dentition
  • suitable for dogs with tendency towards obesity

nibble ears

veal pizzle

gullet meat

palate skin

cattle chips with lung

calf`s tail


cattle skin with fur

cattle scalp knot with chicken meat

cattle lung

cattle tripe

cattle skin chew bar with chicken tenderlions

deer hearts

deer ears

deer lung



bones coated in cattle throat

achilles tendons


neck tendons

meat sticks

meat pieces



rabbit ears


cod bars

salmon skin stripes

fish mix - anchovis & sprats